Collaborative Leadership Initiative

Elected leaders in the Winnipeg Metropolitan Region and Indigenous Nation Chiefs have met and agree there needs to be a better way to work together and that status quo is not enough. They have agreed to pursue a collaborative and strategic approach that will allow them to tackle shared social issues, create good jobs and a strong economy and pursue the complex issues of protecting our land, water and air. 
The elected leaders have committed to a pathway forward that includes clearly defining our common interests, identifying obstacles to progress and dispelling mutual myths with the fact-based dialogue of mutual respect.
This initiative begins with learning about the systems, institutions, histories and world views of each of the leaders; all in the pursuit of understanding how to establish mutually beneficial and shared decision-making mechanisms between Indigenous and municipal governments. These efforts are all focused on delivering Good Growth, Good Governance and Good Stewardship for our region.
The Collaborative Leadership Initiative is an ongoing process that has seen elected leaders join in partnership with the Centre of Indigenous Environmental Resources (CIER), the Southern Chiefs’ Organization (SCO) and the Winnipeg Metropolitan Region (WMR) to implement a process that will ensure enhanced relationships and good decision-making. 
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