Collaborative Leadership Initiative Gathering Four

Lower Fort Garry National Historic Site, RM of St. Andrews
March 1, 2019
The Way Forward – Forging the Partnership


This is the fourth gathering of the Chiefs, Mayors and Reeves of the Collaborative Leadership Initiative. In our first meeting - Observing Our Worlds, we began the government-to-government process of relationship building. In starting to get to know each other, we began to dispel misunderstandings that have long persisted and to see the potential opportunity in front of us. We all agreed that the status quo was not good enough.


In our second meeting - Building a Common Understanding, we reached out to experts from across Canada who came and spoke to us about the opportunities and strong future that could lie ahead if we choose to continue to work together. We learned about how Indigenous and municipal leaders from across the country have exercised a balanced and thoughtful approach to forging strong economic, social, and environmental partnerships. 


In the third meeting - Envisioning the Future, a way forward was considered, together. We explored the unique mix of assets in our communities and worked together to define what could be accomplished through partnerships between our governments. We played the Circular Economy 2.0 Game where we explored cooperative relationships and collaborative processes for economic opportunities, advanced stewardship and improved quality of life for all. This was accomplished by incorporating the use of all of our political levers.

Today, we are continuing our journey. In this fourth meeting we will start Forging the Partnership. By signing the Memorandum of Understanding, we are recognizing the considerable political value of First Nation and municipal governments formally agreeing to work together on common goals and interests. We are also making history at Lower Fort Garry National Historic Site in St. Andrews, Manitoba - the location of the historic signing of Treaty 1 in 1871, 148 years ago. 

This is reconciliation 2019. 

See the Gathering news release here.

Agenda book for CLI event on March 1, 2019

Agenda book for CLI event on March 1, 2019