RM of Headingley

Mayor John Mauseth

The Rural Municipality of Headingley is located directly west of Winnipeg and is home to almost 3,500 people. Its population has experienced a slight increase over the past few years. Before it became an independent municipality in 1993, Headingley was part of the City of Winnipeg for almost twenty consecutive years. Headingley boasts big city amenities and services while providing the intimacy and slower pace of rural living. The Assiniboine River runs through it’s boundaries and in 1869 a ferry attached by ropes to each side of the river, became an important link, not only for Headingley, but also for people from southern Manitoba. It ran until it was replaced by a new wooden bridge in 1915. One of the recreational features of Headingley is the Grand Trunk Trail, an abandoned rail line that traverses the municipalities of both Headingley and Cartier from the Perimeter Highway to Beaudry Park. The trail covers an approximate distance of 10 km.